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Search Results

Each record has the following information:

  • Question - exact wording of the question asked
  • Source - organization responsible for the poll
  • Date - date the poll was released
  • Responses - results reported by the poll
  • Field Date - period when the information was gathered
  • Universe - area or group of people surveyed
  • From - where to obtain additional information
  • Method - interviewing method
  • Sample Size - number of people interviewed
  • Additional Information - important qualifiers applicable to individual questions or entire surveys, e.g., "asked of registered Democrats"
  • Notes - noteworthy aspects of the survey or respondents
  • Copyright - copyright acknowledgement of the source

To find all the questions reported for a given survey:

  • Each record displays a button "View all questions in this poll."
  • Click the button and the hit list will display all the questions from that survey.
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