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Features of the Database

There are a few simple buttons that make it easy to navigate Polling the Nations:

  • Home - return to the opening screen
  • Begin Search - display of the search template
  • All About Polling - brief history explaining polling
  • Glossary - explanation of some polling terminology

Begin Search
A click on the Begin Search button will start the process and provide search options for further exploration. There are two search procedures: simple and advanced.

Search with Dropdown Lists
When searching with dropdown lists, the user can select from the Topics drop down list and review all the questions on that subject. Further, the user may enter additional information to focus the search more precisely. The user may also select from the Sources or Universe lists to search for work done by a particular polling organization or questions asked of an identified group of people or in a specific geographic location.

There is another way to conduct a search using the dropdown list of topics. Enter only the first letter of the topic to be located. This will bring up the list of all topics beginning with that letter. As an example of how this method works, enter H to find questions about history. The entire list of topics beginning with H will be displayed. Using this method it is possible to quickly scroll through the shorter list and make a selection without having to scroll through the entire dropdown list.

Search by Entering Search Criteria
When searching by entering search criteria, the user will not be using drop down lists to define the search, but entering information to set the parameters of the search. The template is identical for both searches.

In the Search by Entering Search Criteria, the user defines the search criteria:

  • Topic - enter the subject of the search.
  • Question - enter a specific word to search for.
  • Universe - search for questions from a geographic area.
  • Date - search for a single date or a date range.
  • Source - enter the name of the polling organization
  • Results - search for respondent categories e.g., teens, Hispanics, Catholic priests

In either search mode, the user will find great flexibility available to help locate the exact information being sought.

To start another search, simply click on Begin Search or use the Reset button the clear information from the previous search and start over.

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