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Question: Which, if any, of the following NFL teams do you support? Please select one option only. Arizona Cardinals/ Atlanta Falcons/ Baltimore Ravens/ Buffalo Bills/ Carolina Panthers/ Chicago Bears/ Cincinnati Bengals/ Cleveland Browns/ Dallas Cowboys/ Denver Bronchos/ Detroit Lions/ Green Bay Packers/ Houston Texans/ Indianapolis Colts/ Jacksonville Jaguars/ Kansas City Chiefs/ Miami Dolphins/ Minnesota Vikings/ New England Patriots/ New Orleans Saints/ New York Giants/ New York Jets/ Oakland Raiders/ Philadelphia Eagles/ Pittsburgh Steelers/ San Diego Chargers/ San Francisco 49ers/ Seattle Seahawks/ St. Louis Rams/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers/ Tennessee Titans/ Washington Redskins.
Source: Economist/ YouGov
Date: Feb. 1, 2017
Universe: Country: United States
Method: online
Sample Size: 1500

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