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TRUMP, DONALD, Immigration
Question: President Trump implemented a temporary travel ban for people from seven countries including Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. This ban would last for three or four months for people from these countries and indefinitely for refugees from Syria until enhanced vetting procedures could be put into place. This ban was struck down by the federal courts and the existing vetting process that was being used before President Trump’s travel ban remains in place. Do you think a temporary ban from these seven countries is necessary as a safeguard against terrorism until enhanced vetting procedures can be put into place, is unnecessary because it goes against American principles and travel can become more secure as vetting procedures are improved, or, do you not know enough about this issue to have an opinion at this time?
Source: NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll
Date: Feb. 27, 2017
Universe: Country: United States
Method: telephone: landline and cell phone
Sample Size: 1000

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